Luke Floorwalker

Cornwalls wood floor specialist

A solid wood floor should last for generations, even if an adequate maintenance program has not been adhered to, but it may need to be refinished after some particularly hard use with little maintenance.  We have the dust free sanding equipment and containment procedures to ensure that your floors are brought back to their former glory with the minimum impact to your home.

No matter how bad you think the condition of the wooden flooring, you will be pleasantly surprised. Any old polish deposits, stiletto heel damage, scuffs and general wear and tear marks will disappear.

No matter the age of the timber flooring we can always do something with the finish. However, there are some provisos:- there are only so many sandings that a floor can take before it loses its structural strength ie – its too thin! – Yikes! Or if the floors have been subject to moisture and the floor is now warped and unsound. In these cases replacement of the flooring or over-boarding is the only option.

The draughty gaps in planked floors  we can fill with wooden fillets cut from age matched wooden timbers and any additional defects are filled with a cellulose and sawdust mix from your floor, giving an almost flawless finish. These floors can then be sealed with any of the Hardwood finishes available today.

Modern (last 40 years) hardwood engineered flooring (laminated wood flooring) can also be refinished usually up to 3 – 4 times in its life and once the original seal has been removed this flooring can then be coloured, using the modern wood floor stains and then sealed with either Lacquer or Oil.
With Osmo Training and Bona Approval, you may rest assured that your timber flooring renovation project will be finished to the highest professional standard.  We offer advice and sample boards on finishes of all types so that you can see how they affect the tones of the wood.

Should you be looking for coloured finishes for your real wood floors we have knowledge and experience of applying the modern Osmo Palette of base colours and the more traditional liming effects for that distressed or ‘beach house look’. Have a look in our gallery for some examples.

Whilst pale woods can be stained darker,  generally dark woods should never be bleached lighter. The old sun darkened finish on a mahogany floor can be removed leaving the floor lighter but a mahogany floor will never look like a maple one!

Dark woods may be limed and dark woods may be sanded a few tones lighter, but generally dark remains…dark.

Is it dusty?

We appreciate the impact that trades have on your home and business; this is why we live by the maxim ‘prevention is better than cure’. This covers not only the direct works to the floor but also in dust quarantining. Not only is a tidy site a safe site, but it is also a better finished one as the quality of a floor finish is directly related to the amount of ambient dust. This is why we use dust extraction on all equipment and use flooring sanders that filter down to 2 microns. In addition we have effective dust containment measures to ensure that you are not disgruntled. If you’ve ever had wood floors sanded before – you will be amazed how little there is.

Bruce and Rosemary ‎ – 4 Mar 2012
Brilliant job, a 100 year old floor looked like new.  Everyone who comes into the hall loves the floor. There was dust, but well controlled with assorted plastic sheeting so it hardly spread around the house.