Luke Floorwalker

Cornwalls wood floor specialist

Anyone can sell you a wooden floor, but it takes a craftsman to install a solid wood floor correctly for you to enjoy over many years. We do nothing other than deal with real wood floors in Cornwall, day in and out, it is our life blood. As a consequence our knowledge base on laying wood flooring is extensive, ensuring that whatever the situation – we know how to deal with it.

Warranties No matter what hardwood flooring you choose, the conditions must be right for the Hardwood install. Temperature, Relative Humidity and moisture content of the timber all play a part, and must be in the right balance and within tolerances before a wood flooring installation can occur.

In an age where warranties and peace of mind are Paramount Luke Floorwalker can provide you with a Moisture reading survey that gives you evidence that your property has met the climatic conditions specified by your flooring manufacturer – thereby leaving their warranty intact.

Prior to fitting any new floor, we ensure that we are fully conversant with the manufacturers terms and conditions of warranty and install the floor in a manner that will not invalidate that warranty..

Subfloor Preparation Should you have had a new screed in your property or your property is a new build, we are able to monitor results until your new screed or flooring timber reaches these parameters and ensure that it is safe to lay a new wooden floor.

A subfloor needs to be flat and level prior to installation of a hardwood floor. A rule of thumb is that the subfloor must be level within 3/16″ in 10 feet, 1/8″ in 6 feet or in metric 4.7mm over 3.048 meters or 3.17mm over 1.82 meters. Should your subfloor require screeding or Damp containment, through the application of Epoxy Damp Proof Courses, then we can help.

Installation methods Luke floorwalker are proficient in all methods of timber flooring fitting including:- Herringbone flooring, Parquet Flooring, Wide plank floorboards, Solid wood block, Wood Mosaic, Solid Hard wood strip, engineered hardwood, Hardwood borders, Glue down methods, secret nailing, Floating battens, floating floors, suspended floors, whatever you require- you need an experienced flooring contractor.

Ever heard the expression ‘…the devil is in the details…’originated around 1975 – well the earlier idiom was ‘…God is in the detail…’(Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe). Well, that’s how we feel about flooring, it needs to be done thoroughly, from moisture surveys, Damp prevention, levelling of the sub floor, the correct installation method, detailing around fireplaces and features, hardwood borderwork, Framed recessed matwells, steps, final preventative dressing, in short a bespoke wood floor fitting service.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the lengths that we will go to ensure that the floor looks a part of the house rather than a new floor covering ‘thrown in’. The flooring will last for years to come so some additional works may be required, for example:- Your skirting may need to be removed or trimmed to ensure that the flooring ‘flows’ through the property – rather than some scotia pinned to your skirting board so that you cannot get your furniture to the wall. The devil is in the details and we take him very seriously!

If your project is using underfloor heating, we will work closely with your supplier and installer to ensure that your floor and heating system work together to their optimum, eliminating such risks as hot spots, heat curves or timbers opening up through inadequate temperature sensors.

See our additional notes regarding site preparation here.