Luke Floorwalker

Cornwalls wood floor specialist

As a company specialising in floor restoration in Cornwall we can source timbers of most hardwoods including Oaks, Mahogany’s, Maples, Elms and Ash to ensure that repairs are almost seamless.  Additionally we can source age matched reclaimed timbers to suit your flooring. This makes repairs almost indistinguishable from the existing flooring once finished – however, wood is a natural material and some colour variation may occur. Any differences in tone are usually negated in 6 months once the UV has given the newly cleaned floor a sun tan!.

If you have a period home with Pine floorboards, we complete any repairs with age matched timbers.   We will additionally ensure that the current fixings are still securing the floor adequately and replace as necessary.

Similarly if you have an existing parquet floor we will ensure that the blocks are sound, and apply additional bitumen (generally – but not always) adhesive before continuing with the refinishing process.

If you have salvaged a wood block floor and want it re-laid we can help you get those blocks prepared for that flooring installation -(This usually entails bitumen removal and sizing).

Additionally, If you would like a fireplace removed and covered with timber, we will remove the hearth, fit new joist-work, lift all the timbers in front of the fireplace and interleave them so that an obvious line is not in evidence and it was as if the fireplace was never there. Check out our galleries