Luke Floorwalker

Cornwalls wood floor specialist

Almost all types of wooden flooring have been encountered over the years, complete with their own challenges: Solid wood block on bitumen, basket weave, herringbone, soldier layout, finger block, Sprung Maple strip, Hand sawn Oak, 2-block border work – both with and without Wenge strip infill, Versailles panels, engineered timber (Wenge, Oak, Maple, Ash, Cherry), Regency and Victorian Gappy Pine planking,  Cerusing, as well as badly water & smoke damaged wooden flooring to list some of the variety.

We have the experience necessary to both repair and recondition all of these types of wooden flooring – almost everything can be saved.

All of our equipment has efficient dust extraction, and Luke Floorwalker live by the maxim “Prevention is better than cure”, that is why we have effective dust containment procedures to ensure the minimum of impact to your project.

With so many new products available today, it is vital that the optimal product be used to ensure that you achieve the look that you desire with lasting results. For example there are lacquers that look like natural wood, contemporary matte wax-oil finishes or coloured base colours. Gone are the days of ‘very glossy yellow floors’ – unless that’s what you want! – your wooden floor can now mirror whatever you desire. We like to meet with our clients to establish their ‘vision’ so that we can confidently meet those demands.

Luke Floorwalker has been both Osmo and Bona Trained so that you can rest assured that your renovation project can be expedited quickly, cleanly and to a professional standard.

Osmo trained