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Regular cleaning is the key to keeping your wooden floor looking attractive for years to come. Cleaning wooden floors used to be a chore – the traditional way is to use a mop and bucket, with a general household cleaner mixed in with water -please don’t do that.

Because wood is different than other flooring materials, it requires special cleaning and maintenance products to retain its beauty.  Soap tends to dull the finish on a wooden floor and there is always the risk of using too much water – which can damage the floor in a number of ways – swelling, warping or discolouration to name a few. Much better to use a Ph Neutral, floor finish compatible cleaner – such as the Bona Wood Floor cleaner.

Vacuum or sweep your floors regularly – once a week is recommended.

Clean up spills promptly.

DEEP CLEANING (monthly – quarterly)

1. Vacuum or dust mop floor to make sure floor is free of all dust, grit and abrasive particles prior to Buffing floor. This will prevent any grit or dust from getting trapped beneath the buffer and leaving scratches.

2. Option #1: With a 175 rpm buffer and a white polishing pad lightly mist an 8 x 8 area with a Professional Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner.
Option #2: With an auto-scrubber use a Professional Series Floor Cleaner and make sure the water setting is on low.

3. Remove any dirty residue immediately with a slightly water-dampened Bona® Professional Series Mop with a Micro-fibre Cleaning Pad. Move onto the next section. Periodically replace the buffing pad and Micro-fibre Cleaning Pad as they become soiled.

4.If it was necessary to move fixtures or furniture during the deep cleaning, make sure they are lifted and placed back into position rather than sliding across the floor.



The perfect time to re-coat your floors is just before the finish wears through to the bare wood. Who can tell when that would be? Contact a flooring contractor.
Re-coating your floor before wear through will save you from a complete sand and finish.  Which can save you at least £1000!

The amount of traffic a floor receives will determine how often a re coat is necessary. By setting up a re-coating schedule with the flooring contractor or maintenance crew you can easily extend the life of your floors gaining the maximum value.

If you are a commercial concern such as a restaurant or hotel with an in-house or out-sourced service / cleaning contract consider this…

Is your current maintenance team doing all this? How much will your current arrangement cost both in shortening the life span of the floor and in excessive refinishing costs due to poor cleaning regimes?

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